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About Us

Established in 2018 2Di4Glass, LLC is owned and operated by long-time glass veteran Diane Rataj.

Our Art Center

Why do I fuse glass?

The sheer beauty of finished glass projects never ceases to amaze me.  I cannot wait to wake up every day and create something new and unique out of glass.  In addition, I love teaching fusing and watching the light bulb illuminate in each student.  I continue to grow and learn from students with each class.

How did I become a glass fuser?

To achieve my glass working goals, I have taken classes from the very best fusers, working my way from St. Louis to Florida, and to the Glass Craft Expo in Vegas. My teachers have included, the very best in the glass arts. And while my educational background is not in glass, I have taken series of classes in other arts.  Examples of the types of art classes include, beading, wire wrapping, ceramics, torch work, faux painting, and acrylic painting.

I am Diane Rataj, fused glass addict, or 2Di4Glass! 


2010 Steelcase, Wreath, Menorah, and Ornament. Winner of best project in all categories.

Meet the Team of Artists

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Melanie has 5 years experience in glass fusing and has done a wide range of projects including a landscape, working with frit,  coral and wave works, holiday decor of all types, making a wide range of useful items for the home and doesn't mind abstract and large creations that she finds inspiring!



Deb is a glass fusing artist who creates new and inspiring work, particularly with mosaic design. With a welcoming smile on her face, Deb is always ready and willing to help others during studio time.



What our customers say

"My family and I always have a great time making artwork on a piece of glass. Seeing what is in our mind. The people that work there are very helpful and great teachers."

- Jill McA

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