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Whether you're new to glass fusing, or a seasoned pro, we have a class for you!

Contact us today to learn about our classes in:

  • Beginner glass fusing

  • Intermediate glass fusing

  • Advanced and Beyond Classes

  • Jewelry making 

  • and more!


Beginner classes

We offer classes for beginners and those wanting to build on their glass fusing experience base on  Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at 1:00 pm.


Who is a beginner? 

Anyone from 7 to 97 that has never worked with glass. Or someone who just wants to make one of these projects.


What is a beginner class?

 One that can be taught to anyone at any skill level.  It is meant to be fun, entertaining and educational.

No need to pre-choose your project. We will work that out in class!

A note about beginner class pricing: 

Unless otherwise noted, classes are priced based on the size of project.

8" = $ 59.00; 10" =$69.00; 12"= $ 79.00. 

There are a variety of shapes that students can choose from. Includes all materials (there are some "add-on" options, too!), teaching and firing. This makes it a whole lot easier on new students!

Intermediate classes

Working with Frit and Stencils

Any student that wants to paint with frit and or learn to stencil with frit, will love this class. 

Fee starts at: $65.00

Sea Coral

In this class students will practice cutting skills.  Many pieces will make a web of sorts.  We will fuse and shape your piece into a beautiful bowl. The finished bowl will be 15 to 16"

Fee: $85.00

Fundamentals of Glass Painting:

This is a sampler class where students will be introduced to the art of painting on glass. They will be taught how to mix glass paints, silk screening, stamping, bubble painting and brush work. 

To take the following 2 classes below, this class is required. Small tester projects will be made. Class time is 3 hours.

Fee: $79.00

Watercolor Painting

Students will work with glass paints on papyrus (glass fusing fiber paper).  This makes a watercolor effect. Then students will have the option to also paint on the 2 layers of glass in which the watercolor painting will be fused.

Project size: 10”  and class time is approximately 3 hours.

Fee: $69.00​​

Painting with Bubbles: 

Create a round or square dish with bubbled layers. This project can be fun and funky or elegant, your choice! 

Project size 10 to 11”

Fee: $69.00

jellyfish 2.jpg


Fundamentals of Fusing

2 Session Class estimating 6 hours of instruction time.


The goal of this class is to familiarize students with glass fusing, cutting, and a variety of techniques.

Student’s will clarify their expectations regarding the result of their projects. This will start the student on a path to independent fusing.


Session 1:

This session will be more of a lecture with notes. The goal of this session is for the student to learn an understanding of what happens to projects when they are fused, thereby, helping the student design and build their projects.

Topics will include: fusible glass; what is dichroic glass; tack, contour, full fusing; standard terminology; color theory as it applies to glass; cold working; sheet glass and all types of accessory glass.

For beginners who have not cut glass there will be additional time added to this session to learn cutting.


Session 2:

Question and answer time regarding session 1 course material.

Hands on day: students will practice different techniques such as working with frit; stenciling; accessory glass; Students will choose a technique they would like to learn and make a project.

The project will be approximately 12 x 12 inches.

All course materials, firing, cutting tools, goggles, masks are available for student usage.


2 Session Class Fee:

Fundamentals of Fusing  $160.00

More Advanced Classes:


Flower class involves designing, cutting, painting and layering

a design for your beautiful flower.

Fee: $149.00​​​

3D Painting

In this class the project will consist of 2 layers of glass,

the student can use any of the learned techniques from the Fundamentals class to design their project.

Project size 8 x 14”.

Fee: $85.00​​​

Frit Painting

In this class you will learn about building depth in a design with frit.

We will discuss methods of determining distance of objects in the design. Class will take a minimum of 3 hours.  Students may choose to come back and finish the layering process in a 2nd session, which is included in the price.

Fee: $99.00

jewelry display.jpg

Jewelry Making Classes 

Jewelry class is also a beginner class, it is different from other fusing classes, so, it is a separate class.

The cost is $ 55.00 per person.

Each student makes 3 pairs of earrings, or 3 pendants, or a combo of the two.

Wine charms can be made as well.

If students want to learn wire wrapping, we offer this as a separate class for $ 55.00

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