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Fundamentals of Fusing

The art of glass fusing is more than skill, it requires passion, patience and willingness to continuously learn and create. This unique art form quickly becomes part of an enjoyable way of life for many artists who have a love for glass fusing!


About glass fusing

Fusing glass won't always go the way you have planned, but that's part of the overall process that challenges and dares glass fusing artists to stretch their creativity and problem solve.

Join us during Open Studio or in one of our classes where we come together in a supportive environment to inspire, challenge and support one another while having fun!


Do I have what it takes?

For a long time the art of glass fusing was a closely held privilege for a select few to learn and create. Fortunately, anyone at nearly any age has the ability to be a wonderful glass fusing artist! If you are willing to learn and have passion to continue, then becoming a glass fusing artist is definitely an achievable goal. 

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